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Buying Junk Cars - Raleigh | Cash for Junk

Many find themselves with a used and old car and the cost of disposal seems to deter them from doing anything. Do you have an old car? Don't know what to do about it? Then call us! Cash for junk cars Raleigh's got the solution � Cash for Junk & Wreck Cars!

Is there a car rotting away on your driveway? Call us and we will send our junk car buyer and for added convenience, we will arrange the towing free of charge. If you've experienced an accident and the insurance company is not helping out, we are happy to get it off your hands and give you cash.

We are proud to serve people that are trying to sell junk cars in theRaleigh triangle, Rocky Mount, Wilson, and Greenville specifically and facilitate the process for you so that you get rid of your junk car and walk away with some cash in your pocket. We are locally owned and operated and we are quick and efficient. We pay cash for your junk car, and our staff is courteous and professional and can help you navigate the entire process.

Many other situations may occur where you find yourself with a car that you need to get rid of. If you find yourself in any of these situations, calling us will be the easiest thing for you!

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If you or your car is in the following scenarios �we can help!

 If your car runs but the transmission is slipping and it's not worth it to fix it
 If your car has been in a flood, and is damaged and full of mold, the best way to recuperate anything is to sell it to us
 Of course if you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident and your insurance deems that they cannot compensate you and you're stuck with a car that is mangled and not in working condition
 If your car dies in the middle of the street or highway, why pay for it to have it towed, when we can come and pick it up and put some cash in your hands
 If the car in question isn't your car on paper because you never transferred the tile to your name, we can help with that
 If the owner of the car has moved and has given you the title and keys to the car but you don't know what to do with it, sell it to us! We know what to do with it. People that buy junk cars �Raleigh's got plenty that we can put some cash in your hands and have you on your merry way in no time �most likely the same day!

Call us today and experience getting cash for your junk car!

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